This is my first time using transfer paper and my first time cosplaying altogether. I’m going to an expo this saturday.
Anyway, my iron had never been used before this. I wiped it down a few times but apparently it was still dirty becAUSE THIS HAPPENED
I also think it was too hot But anyway
Any advice? I’m going to try to wash it really carefully and I’ll do some more research but if anyone has any tips or ideas I’m all ears.

Thank you guys!!

tl;dr: Does anyone have any tips on how I can wash this shirt and get the marks out without ruining it?

  1. mochi-finn answered: before ironing the shirt, put a piece of fabric over the picture. the dirtiness of the iro will go on the fabric instead
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    yeh it looks to me that you burnt the cloth which may be tricky to remove since you’ve got your transfer on. anyways,...
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