tylerslittletrxye: when was the last time you laughed/smiled?

I did a lot of laughing and smiling today actually :) while talking to my friends on the internet and while hangin with my bb sophia

thanks for the ask uwu

tylerslittletrxye: When was the last time you cried?

umm it was about a week ago i think, i was feeling so horrible about myself and envious of other people who are good at making friends and yeah i wont go into it

thank you for the ask!!

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SSSSSSSuuuper late art trade w/ tumblr user johnegbert hhhah h i’m… trash

psssst hey

you guys should send me messages im v bored and lonely 

if you need ideas go here




I feel such pity for the homestucks who didn’t know faygo was an actual thing, or who live in places where you can’t find it, when I’m over here in Michigan like
imageimageimageimageimageimageimageShit’s a dietary staple here.

Someone pls photoshop gamzee in all these pictures








my job is complete

i really feel like rping right now someone help

4 away from my next hundred ! !! ! !! ! !! !!!!

… im going to do a giveaway when i reach it 

promo ? uwu



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i feel like popular blogs know how  powerful they are because i sent wreckitronnie and ask off anon and he simply reblogged one of my selfies didnt even answer the ask and it more than doubled in notes

Title: just press play
Played: 368 times

thunderboltsandlightnin: im here to ask a question. if you could be anyone in the whole damn universe, who would you be and why? (and dont get all philosophical on me and say yourself. thats bullshit.)



oh man u m

i dont know if theres a specific person- but i’d like to be someone who is extroverted and doesnt have social anxiety so that I could make friends easier. 

Or, ya know, being Trip criedwolves or Ronnie wreckitronnie would be cool


this is a croptop type sweater thing that is basically meant for girls(judging by how its cut and what happens when its lifted up like in the middle picture)
and yet i can still manage to look like this whilst wearing it
hell yeah